2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Is Cyber Monday the best Monday of the year? We think so! To kick-off holiday shopping, the Sophic Team has put together a Holiday Gift Guide with some great gift ideas that have human-centric qualities.


From gifts that enhance the home office experience to inclusive gaming options, you’ll find something for everyone on your list… or for yourself!


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Philips Hue Smart Lights

Smart, dynamic lighting, like Philips Hue Smart lights, can provide a better night’s rest, with an opportunity for a productive day.


During the darker winter months, waking up in the morning can be more challenging. Smart bulbs can gradually brighten up your room, easing the waking-up process. Similarly, they can also dim and change colors to help you relax and sleep easier in the evening. Red is one of these beneficial hues that can be used in the evening to reduce the likelihood of disruptions to your circadian rhythm or sleep patterns as can occur with blue light.

BlueLounge Cable Drop

Love your electronic
devices but hate the cord chaos that comes with them? Keep all of your electronic device cords organized with Bluelounge’s cable management products. These CableDrop tools are able to grasp cables to keep them in place and allow you to route the cables wherever you want! These little gadgets will help keep you organized while reducing potential trip hazards.



Nike FlyEase Shoes

What we take for granted as a relatively simple task of putting your shoes on can be difficult for those with reduced joint dexterity or impaired mobility. Nike designed a line of shoes with inclusivity and accessibility in mind.


The shoe line ranges from hands-free to minimal dexterity needed. Nike has accomplished this through a design focused on the hands free interaction through the use of hinges that allow your foot to slip into the shoe. The shoe then closes down with a lacing mechanism or wrap-around zipper that can be secured with one hand.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

While there are a variety of clothing brands that specialize in solving the challenges for the physically disabled, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the few mainstream brands embracing adaptive design. Adaptive design helps to inspire confidence in the people who wear it. Specifically, this brand focuses on the needs of the physically disabled without compromising their personal style and self-expression.


The adaptive clothing line accounts for the unique needs of this special user population, specifically incorporating features such as magnetic button closures, Velcro openings, and internal toggles, to name a few. These features help reduce the struggles for this population associated with requiring fine motor skills to interact with clothing fixtures such as buttons.

Work & Tech

GoFit Muscle Hook

Prolonged seated posture increases muscle stiffness and discomfort. Over time, it can also contribute to debilitating musculoskeletal disorders. This muscle hook is a  great option to combat pain, stiffness and maintain muscle health through a combination of movement and massage during long periods of inactivity either in the office or while working from home. It is also an excellent option for those who don’t necessarily have the time or funds to visit the massage therapist often.


Cubii JR1

Another tool to help fight muscle fatigue and discomfort from working all day in one posture and has an added bonus of effortlessly increasing physically activity is the Cubii JR1. It is a seated elliptical that will fit under your desk, allowing you to exercise and get the movement you need to avoid stiff and sore muscles. This particular elliptical lets you track calories burned, distance traveled, rotations per minute, and how long you’ve been active. They even have a subscription service with fitness classes to help ward off winter workout blues!


Logitech MX Master 3

Think every computer mouse is created equal? Think again! This mouse has intuitively-placed front/back buttons and a thumb wheel that will help you get the most out of your commands. The buttons and scroll wheels can be customized to enhance workflow to better fit the user’s needs.


The mouse is designed to fit the human hand comfortably, even for extended-use. There are user-friendly tutorials and demonstrations provided by the company to help users maximize the functionality to meet their needs and get the most out of the device.

Flexispot EC1 Adjustable Standing Desk

The human body is designed for dynamic movement. Staying in any one position, such as sitting, too long can lead to long-term consequences not to mention short-term uncomfortable aches and pains! Alternatively, with a dynamic work station, you can promote a healthier approach to teleworking by having the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing comfortably, using your body as designed. Numerous studies have also shown that the ability to work while standing increases energy levels, concentration, and productivity. The desk height range of this model is inclusive of various sitting/standing heights that allow you to tailor your workstation to you, helping to eliminate negative effects of poor posture when you are forced to fit the design!



Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was designed to make gaming more accessible to those with limited mobility who are unable to comfortably use standard controllers. This controller features a D-Pad and two oversized buttons that allow limited mobility gamers a larger surface area to connect with, reducing the need for more exact and intricate movements that the traditional, smaller buttons require. This controller is also compatible with over a dozen accessories that increase the input options such as joysticks, additional buttons and foot pedals that can be reprogrammed for every game, allowing users to tailor their experience to allow for maximum comfort and accessibility while playing. This controller is revolutionary as it provides gamers with limited mobility access to gaming without the need for $1,000+ custom controller setups. The controller is compatible with all Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles as well as PC’s.


Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness-based game for the Nintendo Switch. Often called a spiritual successor to 2007’s Wii Fit, Ring Fit Adventure emphasizes improving a person’s overall health and fitness by combining it with simplified role-playing game mechanics. This provides gamers with an engaging experience while they exercise. The game features varying intensities for workouts, making it perfect for beginners hoping to get themselves in better shape or HIIT workout veterans looking for a challenge. This game addresses the needs of the user by providing constant tips within the gaming environment on proper form, hydration, and taking adequate breaks. The interactive nature between the game and the user helps remove the guess-work and risk of injury from at-home fitness. Ring Fit Adventure is a great gift for someone who wants to achieve a greater level of fitness through fun, guided exercise… all in the comfort of their own home!



Iron Flask Water Bottle

A common injury, especially in the remote work place environment, is carpel tunnel syndrome. This is a repetitive use wrist injury that is common when the wrist is used in postures (such as typing) that cause strain and stress on ligaments over time. This water bottle helps to keep the wrist in a more comfortable position by eliminating the need to rotate the wrist and invert the water bottle when lifting to drink. Considering how much water we should be drinking a day, that is a lot of damage potentially avoided!

ToteSavvy Original Organizer

Considering all the things a baby needs (i.e., diapers, wipes, toys), it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. However, with the ToteSavvy Bag Organizer, you can transform your current medium and large tote bags or backpack into a functional diaper bag! This removeable bag insert provides you with a convenient location for all of your baby’s necessities, keeping you organized while on the go. The open pocket design allows you to see everything you packed, eliminating the stress of having to shuffle through your bag.


“As a new mom, I’ve been able to experience a reduction in stress and feelings of chaos, bringing some peace of mind knowing I can easily locate the items I need.“
– Raquel Garcia

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