When Bad Design Happens to Good People™

If you think this book isn’t for you, think again.

Just look at the designs everywhere around you. Your bed. Your coffee maker. Your computer. Your car. Ask yourself: How are these designs positively or negatively impacting the world? You may not think about design 24/7, but it’s always there. No matter what your job title is or where you’re from – it plays an enormous role in your life.

While our hope is that product designers, engineers and business owners will use this book as a tool for designing products and services that help people live better lives… We also wrote it for consumers. You, as a consumer, are a powerful part of the success of any company you encounter. Companies are (or should be) in business to serve you. The innovations they create must solve your problems and make your life easier. If they can’t do this, they fail. As you know, this happens far too often.

We were inspired to write When Bad Design Happens To Good People™ because we hate seeing unhappy consumers and failed businesses. We’re here to break this cycle by showing you how to think of design in an entirely new way.

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” He was spot on.

If you’re reading this book because you’re already a designer, don’t expect us to repeat things you’ve already learned. We’ve seen enough design fails to know that design needs to be taught differently. Our solution includes companies placing the focus on consumers – not just on the bottom line. And it includes giving up the bad habit of designing technology for the sake of technology. There’s a formula to getting design right, and within these chapters we’re sharing it with you. Join us as we take an in-depth look at good and bad designs and explore what needs to happen for consumers to be delighted and for companies to absolutely thrive.

When Bad Design Happens to Good People™: THE BOOK

When Bad Design Happens To Good People™ is a book that you need to read. In it Sophic Synergistics CEO and author, Cynthia Rando, explores how design must be focused on users — on the people designers are solving problems for. She takes readers on a journey, demonstrating how design should be thought of differently and taught differently. The book is a testament to the fact that when it brings the right solutions to life, design has the power to change the world.

When Bad Design Happens to Good People™: THE WORKSHOP

Are you ready to design products and services that make positive impacts on peoples’ lives? If so, join our workshop that’s based on our popular book, When Bad Design Happens To Good People™.

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When Bad Design Happens to Good People™: CONSULTING SERVICES

As technology progresses, we’re seeing so many new designs — some that are great, and some that aren’t. The problem with bad design is that it’s often the result of creating technology for the sake of technology. Many companies often overlook the fact that innovation must solve problems for people. Let us help your company avoid these mistakes.

What do our design consulting services include?

While we offer full project planning services, Sophic tailors every engagement to our clients’ specific situations to ensure that they achieve optimal business outcomes. We typically begin by offering an initial visit to your company for a day. After that, we’ll provide you with a company assessment.

Our Most In Demand Services

  • Project Review / Assessment
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Design Requirements, Definitions, Interpretation
  • User Testing & Testing Protocols
  • Human Factors Engineering Report
  • Developing an internal Human Factors program
  • And more!

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