The Human Odyssey

by Sophic Synergistics
The Human Odyssey

Your podcast for all things Human-Centered Design! The science behind the way humans think, behave, and perform.
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Innovation has become the business buzzword of the decade, but what does it truly mean to be innovative?

In this episode, our guest Jeff Grayley, president of Mile2, and our host Cynthia Rando discuss key elements that drive innovation within organizations and what it takes to survive and adapt in a challenging times

This is The Human Odyssey: A Human-Centered Podcast.

Recorded July 16, 2020

Episode 2 - Survival of the Adaptive
Episode 1 - Flattening the Curve - The Science Behind Risk Perception & Decision Making

Life is a voyage, one with unexpected twists and turns.

On this episode of The Human Odyssey: A Human-Centered Podcast, Dr. Jennifer Fogarty, NASA’s first female HRP chief scientist, joins our host and CEO Cynthia Rando to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on risk perception and decision making.

How have we fared fattening the curve- welcome to The Human Odyssey.

Recorded April 28, 2020