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The Sophic Story

“At the end of the day, your business is our business. We’re here to make sure you succeed.”

                                                    ~Cynthia Rando, CEO & Founder

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Trade Space Negotiator


As part of our 360 degree focus, we offer training to become a Trade Space Negotiator (TSN)™. With this training, you will be able to effectively bridge the gap between business roles and priorities. The role of the TSN™ is part of a broader Better Business By Design™ strategy as seen in our HFES Publication: Better Business By Design™: The SOPHIC Conceptual Model.


Human Factors


Human factors is an expertise that specializes in human everything. It is a science that deals with humans and how we interact with other people, environments, societal influences, products, and services. Human factors is the only answer to preventing errors or tragedies due to poor design.

If your company is incorporating human factors, you are keeping the human at the center of the design of your products and services. At Sophic Synergistics, we are not your average human factors consulting firm – with us, your company will become Sophic Smart. You will not just benefit from the methodologies and services of human factors experts, but with your personalized Human Factors Concierge™ and our Better Business By Design™ Model we will help you set up your business to become a team that is focused on user experience as much as the daily tasks of the job.


Better Business by Design™


By truly understanding how people interact with their environments and their expectations, you can improve user experience and acceptance outcomes while reducing the risk of injuries. Our Better Business By Design™ model helps your company make the user your #1 priority. Organizations that place human-centered design at the center of their corporate strategies grow faster, have higher margins than their competitors and have a higher user acceptance. They also have increased employee engagement and are more likely to attract and retain talent.  



Human Factors in (...)

Wondering what human factors looks like in your industry?

When Bad Designs Happen to Good People

Bad designs can happen to anyone. Check out our gallery to learn about the kinds of things your customers don’t want.

Meet Some Of Our Valued Clients

“We were struggling to build our business strategy and refine and pitch our MVP. Sophic’s experience in human factors and their numerous inputs and advice on company development made a real impact on our strategy, as well on the product and business sides during our training at the TMCx startup incubator program. Sophic’s team is perfectionist and will do the most they can to help you reach your goals.”

– J.R.

“Technology acceptance by the end user is one of the main burdens in delivering any medical devices or IT health products to market with reasonable chances of success. Sophic Synergistics offers a unique perspective to fix that problem by placing the users at the center of an agile design cycle. Far from projecting their experience like many consulting companies do, they use a human-centric approach to provide personalized strategic support.”

– M.G.

“What I appreciate most about Sophic is they took the time to listen and try to understand what it is you are doing.”

~ M.G.

“Human Factors can help eliminate the risk that might be there that you might not catch.”


“It’s nice to have someone who comes in and helps you through the whole process, guides you and reminds you of things you have to do, deadlines you have to meet.”