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Sophic Synergistics provides expertise in Human-Centered Design to our clients to ensure that their products and services comprehensively address the users’ needs in the safest and most efficient manner. This evidenced-based approach adds value to the client and the consumer. As part of the process, Sophic recognizes the importance of identifying the needs and requirements associated with gender and sex. One size fits all is often not the case and there are solutions to maximize the utility and safety of your product or process while addressing the needs of various demographic groups. Sophic has joined forces with iGIANT as one of the co-chairs of the virtual iGIANT® Retail Design Summit. This is an exciting opportunity to highlight your design and discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with meeting the needs presented by gender and sex diversity.

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Special Invitation


You are cordially invited to participate in a virtual Retail Design Summit which will explore the impact of gender and sex on innovation and novel technologies (iGIANT®) for the retail sector. Please see the details below: 


iGIANT® Retail Design Summit

Date:  April 13, 2021

Time: 4:00-5:15 PM EST


Gender and sex impact every aspect of our daily lives. For example, men and women respond differently to the same doses of medications and vaccines. Some products such as shoes and clothing, sports and personal protective equipment, and tools and hardware seem to have separate designs for men and women. 


However, it’s important to distinguish between a simple change in aesthetics and a design that actually addresses factors such as anthropometry (body proportion) and movement which can influence how people experience these products. Each small detail and seemingly insignificant change in design can heavily impact how we perform at work, school and in our leisurely activities. https://www.igiant.org/single-post/igiant-retail-design-summit


iGIANT, a nonprofit, was designed at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. iGIANT hosts a series of roundtables, summits, challenge competitions, scholarships and seals of approval to accelerate the translation of research into gender/sex-specific design elements. A design element can be a program, product, policy or protocol. Since its inception in 2017, there have been over 80 events around the globe, 5 challenge competitions and an IT Seal of approval for design processes. It’s the only nonprofit in the world doing such work. 


iGIANT is committed to ensuring that everyone is given the resources, opportunities and tools to do their jobs safely and live well. The purpose of the Retail Design Summit is to establish a common dialog about best design practices that consider gender/sex differences and to inspire participants to serve as ambassadors for innovation. These events have convened stakeholders from government, industry, academia and advocacy groups. 


You are invited to give a brief overview (under 3 minutes) of your design element (no slides) or even just your interest in this area. We understand that some information is proprietary and disclosure may be limited. Following this exciting dialog, there will be a discussion on challenges and opportunities to further accelerate precision innovation and design since everyone is now an ambassador for innovation!


Please RSVP by March 20, 2021:

Please feel free to extend this invitation to your network. 


This summit will benefit from your participation which will inspire people to peer through a gender/sex lens so they can envision creative solutions to improve all our lives.




Saralyn Mark, MD




Eliza Chin, MD, MPH

Executive Director

American Medical Women’s Association


Jennifer Fogarty, PhD

Director of Applied Health and Extreme Environments

Sophic Synergistics, LLC


Stephen Shaya, MD

Managing Director

Akkad Holdings


Chris Carberry

Chief Executive Officer

Explore Mars

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