2020 Cyber Monday Wishlist

Happy Cyber Monday! 


The #SophicTeam put together a collage of tech products that we feel would make great gifts for friends, family, or yourself! 


These items are designed well, made with the user in mind, and will make your life easier like a good design should!  Happy shopping!

Skylight Digital Picture Frame
Normal picture frames limit you to one picture. This frame gives you a gallery of your memories with a continuous reel of photos. Set-up is simple: just upload photos straight from your phone through WiFi.

Let’s be honest… who doesn’t feel the need to over-sanitize everything these days? Especially products you touch throughout the day like your phone or glasses! Protect yourself from harmful bacteria and viruses with the help of a powerful UV light sanitizer.

Ember Smart Mug


When is the last time you made a cup of coffee, started working, and your coffee got cold? If you’re anything like us, probably every morning! This mug allows you to control the temperature of your drink with the ease of your phone. When not in use, this mug has a smart safety feature that prevents it from overheating.

Waitiee Wireless Charger

More wireless devices means more charging cords… not with this charging station! This is the most user-friendly way to power your devices while reducing clutter and freeing up outlets.

Torro Charging Bracelet

Ever considered bringing your phone charger when you leave your house? Chances are, you’re probably going to need it! This bracelet is not only stylish, it is a charging cord that is easy to use and convenient. Never stress about a low phone battery again! Made for the person that’s always on the go!

Apple Airpods

These wireless headphones are all about user freedom! You can use one or both earbuds, connect to any of your bluetooth devices, and you have audio controls on the earbuds themselves! The charging case also gives you multiple charges for even more music jamming and conference calls.