Keeping your business on track while riding the COVID-19 Roller coaster

“This webinar was originally recorded April 28, 2020. This session focuses on the fundamentals required for the human factors FDA regulatory requirements and how to continue to make progress despite challenges presented by COVID-19 and associated social distancing requirements. There are a number of key milestones that can be completed using remote testing methodologies that will successfully fool Human Factors requirements. Additionally, there are many key decisions and planning efforts businesses can conduct now to ensure they are able to hit the ground running once restrictions have been lifted, minimizing expensive delays and potential loss of market opportunities.


About the speaker: Cynthia Rando is Founder and CEO of Sophic Synergistics, a consulting firm focused on optimizing human performance and experience in any environment. Cynthia has spent more than 17 years in the field of Human Centered Design, including 12 years at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. She is a Certified Human Factors Professional and Vice President of the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics.”


– Temple Health & Bioscience District

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