Trade Space Negotiator

by Cynthia Rando

Trade Space Negotiator™



Trade Space Negotiator (TSN) Certification Program™

As part of our 360 degree focus, we offer training to become a TSN™ within your organization to effectively bridge the gap between business roles and priorities. The role of the TSN™ is part of a broader Better Business By Design strategy as seen in our HFES Publication: Better Business By Design™: The SOPHIC Conceptual Model.


TSN Certification Program™

Educate organizations on the concept of Human Centered Design as a Business Strategy. Training the skills necessary to become an effective TSN™ for the organization through certification.

  • Fundamentals of Human-Centered Design
  • Trade Space Negotiator™ Certification*
  • Driving Business Strategy through the SOPHIC Conceptual Model
  • Human Error
  • Translating Behavior into Design Requirements
  • Communicating value via Human-Centered Design
  • User Analysis/Testing, Focus Groups etc.
  • Developing Human Centered Strategy/Mission/Cultures
  • Innovation as an Outcome

*As part of the Trade Space Negotiator™ certification program you will receive the TSN™ Educational Kit that you can use within your organization to facilitate your role as a TSN™

  • Sophic Score and organizational assessment
  • TSN™ profile
  • TSN™ Educational Kit

Contact us today to purchase our Trade Space Negotiator Educational Kit™ and become a certified TSN™