Our Story

by Sophic Synergistics

What's in a name...

Soph · ic

of, relating to, or full of wisdom

Socrates Owl

Syn · er · gis · tics

trusted partner

The Sophic Story

Sophic was born from a desire to change the way we think about business and the products and services we build. At the center of everything we do are the people we serve and the real problems we solve by enhancing everyday life and experiences. Human Factors provide us a strong foundation, which makes the user our number one priority. Our strategy is to fill the gap that lies between human factors as a design approach and human factors as a business strategy.

Our vision: to help companies achieve their goals and engage in Better Business By Design™. We look at all the parts your company is made up of, helping you align your company goals from top to bottom: from the people who solve problems and deliver solutions to the customers you build products and services for.

We not only provide human-centered design and business strategy consulting; our #1 service is being your trusted partner. No two clients are the same, and we will always strive to provide you with just the right amount of support, everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our name says it all, we roll our sleeves up and work right beside you. For us, you aren’t just another name on a roster of clients, we are a part of your team. Find out how to join the Sophic family and contact us today!

The Sophic Vision

Establish Better Business by Design as the standard for achieving environments, products, and services that deliver, innovative, human-centered solutions for every industry.

The Sophic Mission

At Sophic Synergistics, we are your trusted partner for achieving unparalleled success through the prioritization of the human element. Together, our partnership results in the best solution, every time! That’s the power of Human-Centered Design!