Manufacturing Ergonomics

Productivity and ergonomics go hand in hand. In order to manage risks, you need to have a detailed understanding of ergonomics and how it interacts with the user’s experience.

Catastrophic product failure can be disastrous for your company and your customers. As specialists in manufacturing ergonomics, we’ll help to ensure that your product’s design is easy for people to use and supports assembly that is both error-free and fast.

Not only do we address complex problems, but we’re also experts in product design. This means we can work alongside your engineering group from cradle to grave of your product development life cycle. Working with your team, we can help to ensure that your product is designed to be easily assembled, tested and repaired by employees who are properly trained to do these tasks. If your product needs to be installed, we’ll take a close look at, for example, how simple it is to remove and replace parts and track component failures. If your product requires customer assembly, we will help make sure it’s an easy and pleasant experience for your customers!

Manufacturing excellence begins with ergonomics

Productivity and ergonomics go hand in hand. To manage risks, you need to understand ergonomics issues. This is where we come in. We use the fundamentals of data analysis to clearly define, quantify and resolve issues. This not only improves productivity, but it also improves safety, worker comfort and product quality.

ergonomics in the workplace

Let us help you improve your product as well as workplace productivity.

Our manufacturing ergonomics specialists can help with onsite ergonomics assessments, manufacturing line assessments, lean manufacturing ergonomics, tool design, product design and more.