Human Factors in Manufacturing

by Cynthia Rando


Human Factors Methodologies At Work

Manufacturing excellence begins with ergonomics. As specialists in manufacturing ergonomics, we’ll help to ensure that your product is produced efficiently, and it is easy for people to use and supports assembly that is both error-free and fast. This means we can work alongside your engineering group from cradle to grave of your product development life cycle. We can test your design, analyze production conditions, look at your training protocols, test at-home instructions for installation, and much more.

Services In Highest Demand

  • Project Review/Assessment
  • Project Planning/Management
  • Focus Groups/ Contextual Inquires
  • User Design Requirements/ Interpretation
  • User Risk Definition
  • User Testing/Test Protocols
  • Human Factors Engineering Reports
  • Internal HF Programs

Why Invest In Human Factors

  • Increase Risk Mitigation
  • Safer Products, Services, and Environments
  • Faster Growth
  • Catalyze Innovation
  • Increase Market Acceptance
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improved User Experience
  • Optimized Organizational Efficiency 

Productivity and ergonomics go hand in hand. By adopting a human-centered design approach results in increased productivity and improves safety, comfort for the worker and product quality. In order to manage risks, you need to have a detailed understanding of ergonomics and how it interacts with the user’s experience. You also need to ensure that your product is designed with the user in much by ensuring that the unboxing and installation experience limits the opportunity for error. Human factors methodologies and our expertise in ergonomics can be helpful from production line, to testing, to installation, to repair, and finally use by your customers.

warehouse ergonomics

Ergonomics Is Not Just About Comfortable Keyboards​

Our manufacturing ergonomics specialists can help with onsite ergonomics assessments, manufacturing line assessments, lean manufacturing ergonomics, tool design, product design and more.