Human Factors Expert Witness Services

At Sophic Synergistics, we provide ergonomics and human factors expert witness services. Our human factors experts work in various industry and government settings – they design and create safe and efficient products, processes, procedures, and environments. Our experts are often called upon to provide professional opinions on the human element and the circumstances of the situation that impacted the specific outcomes under review within a case. We provide clarity and insight into how and why issues may have occurred and led to the outcomes experienced. Our areas of expertise are many including forensic human factors, workplace safety, negligence, displays, environmental design, and more.

Justice in court can depend on expert witness

Human factors expert witnesses are valuable to court trials because they can deliver insight into many nuances that relate to how humans perceive, understand, and interact with the conditions of their environment or a particular situation. They provide clarity and insight about how and why issues may have occurred and led to the outcomes experienced in a case.

expert witness services

Our areas of expertise include:

Forensic human factors

Workplace safety


Accidents such as slips, trips and falls


Attention and distraction

Equipment/Product design including liability

Displays and controls

Fatigue and sleep deprivation

Cognition/Memory/Perception including perception of risk

Environmental design including lighting, noise, vibration and temperature

We provide a comprehensive review of all case documentation.


Our review includes:


  • Human factors and human safety assessments
    • Site assessments/reconstruction
    • Training
    • Procedures
    • Caution and warning/Labeling
  • Test and evaluation
  • Product design review
  • Research
  • Testimony
  • Training/Education
  • Risk mitigation
  • Work site evaluations

Let us help your company in the courtroom.

Our experts will review the facts of your case including all applicable evidence, case documentation and testimony, assessment of the site where the incident occurred, and review of applicable requirements or building codes.