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What Is Human Factors?

Innovation is certainly exciting, and new technologies appear faster than we can keep track of them. How do we make sure that these new technologies are right for your users? The only way to ensure that your customers are being presented with the best products possible is to adopt a human-centered design strategy.

Human factors is an expertise that specializes in human everything – human safety, design, preference. It is a science that deals with humans and how we interact with other people, environments, societal influences, products, and services. Human factors is the only answer to preventing errors or tragedies due to poor design. It’s the key to establishing a culture within your business that puts the human first.

No matter what industry you’re in, one thing is certain ~ human-centered companies thrive!

Is Human Factors For My Company?

Your success as a business is not driven solely on the development of new technologies. Just because new technology emerges or it appears to be cutting-edge doesn’t mean that your users are actually going to find it helpful. True success as a company is going to be driven by maintaining a human-centered design business strategy. These real problems that you are solving are what will propel you forward.

If your company is incorporating human factors, you are keeping the human at the center of the design of your products and services. At Sophic Synergistics, we are not your average human factors consulting firm – with us, your company will become Sophic Smart. You will not just benefit from the methodologies and services of human factors experts, but with your personalized Human Factors Concierge™ and our Better Business By Design™ Model we will help you set up your business to become a team that is focused on user experience as much as the daily tasks of the job.

Human Factors In Industry

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