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Time to vote NO on bad design!

  “I chose the ‘straight ticket’ option for the Democratic Party on the first screen,” a Texas resident voting in the 2018 midterm elections recently tweeted. “Once I toggled through the 16+ page ballot and reached the final screen to review my choices, I saw...

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Can human centered design help us to eat healthier?

In 2006, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine issued a stunning report about nutrition label guidelines: “In one of the most rigorous studies ever conducted to determine how well people comprehend the information provided on food nutrition labels, researchers...

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The future of AI is in human hands.

If you haven’t noticed, artificial intelligence (AI) has been all over the news recently. In fact, just this morning the headlines couldn’t stop talking about it: Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that 'didn't like women' Will AI replace fertility doctors? Why...

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Sophic Synergistics Partners With Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute
Sophic Synergistics, LLC is proud to announce that we have partnered with Texas Medical Center’s TMC Innovation Institute (TMCx).
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Open Collaboration
A Problem Solving Strategy That Is Redefining NASA’s Innovative Spirit
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Investment in Open Service Providers
NASA’s Innovative Strategy for Solving Space Exploration Challenges
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Lunar and Mars Exploration
The Autonomy Factor
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Use of Cautions and Warnings in International Space Station Procedures
When Too Much Information Becomes Risky
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Habitability and Human Factors
Lessons Learned In Long Duration Space Flight
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