Human Factors In The Oil & Gas Industry

Across the world, the oil and gas industry relies heavily on both humans and machines during the exploration and production processes. The environments in which this industry operates are often hazardous, and the risk for major accidents occurring is high. For these reasons, human factors cannot be ignored when it comes to operating safely and efficiently. From the employees working on rigs to the executives managing operations, human factors applies to everyone.

Human factors helps to manage safety and risk.

When systems, processes, and procedures are designed with the user in mind, you greatly reduce the risk of injury and unsafe working conditions. We help oil and gas companies assess and address risk through several methods including: design mitigation, workflow optimization, and training.

human factors in the oil and gas industry

Human factors engineering drives the bottom line.

In addition to safety, the demands for uptime and keeping operational costs down also play a large role in the oil and gas industry.¬†Integrating Human Factors Engineering methodologies will help oil and gas companies meet these stringent demands safely and effectively. Not only can we assist with function, task and workload analysis, but we can also aid with designing human-machine interfaces that meet users’ needs.



Our philosophy is simple:

Fulfill the needs of your customers and you will deliver great products and services.

Fulfill the needs of your employees and you will deliver exceptional products and services.

Fulfill the needs of both your customers and employees and you will deliver innovative products and services that lead the market!

We assist onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities across the globe.

In a safety-critical industry, you can’t afford to ignore human factors. We can assist in all phases of your project – from concept through to detailed design¬†to ensure safe, usable and optimized systems, processes and procedures.