Human Factors in Healthcare

by Cynthia Rando


Human Factors Methodologies At Work

Human factors experts specialize in listening, problem-solving, and integrating human-centered methodologies into the workplace, patient operations, and products. Whether you’re looking for better ways to communicate with patients, seeking methods to lower treatment costs, trying to build better medical devices or even preparing for medical device approval, our human factors experts are here to help.

Services In Highest Demand

  • Project Review/Assessment
  • Project Planning/Management
  • Focus Groups/ Contextual Inquires
  • User Design Requirements/ Interpretation
  • User Risk Definition
  • Formative/ Summative Testing
  • Human Factors Engineering Reports
  • Internal HF Programs

Why Invest In Human Factors

  • Increase Risk Mitigation
  • Safer Products, Services, and Environments
  • Faster Growth
  • Catalyze Innovation
  • Increase Market Acceptance
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improved User Experience
  • Optimized Organizational Efficiency 

Human Factors In Healthcare

Human Centered Healthcare

The medical industry has a very big responsibility when it comes to patient and practitioner safety and satisfaction in healthcare. It’s no secret that healthcare providers are among the highest trained professionals; but, too often potential or actual medical errors occur because the systems were not designed with the human in mind. Be it a poorly designed medical device, disconnected processes, or a broken system- in order to identify and mitigate risks appropriately, it is necessary to engage in human-centered design. When you work with human factors professionals, you can expect a minimum return on investment of 10 to 100 times your initial investment. In the medical industry, where human errors can be fatal, the inclusion of human-centered design can be the difference between life and death.

Healthcare Isn’t Just About The Medicine

It can be easy to assume that human factors in healthcare will focus on the procedures and products which directly impact the appropriate delivery of medical care to a patient. Any healthcare professional can acknowledge that the medical industry is much more complex than that. If there is one industry which should be human-centered it is healthcare. From scheduling that first appointment, to the surgical room, to follow-ups – patient satisfaction is the objective that matters most.