Human Factors In Aviation

From flight operations to maintenance practices and air traffic management – human error remains the primary cause of commercial and non-commercial airplane incidents and accidents. Although technology is evolving at a rapid pace, it’s still the job of humans to ensure airline safety. Here at Sophic Synergistics, our human centered design professionals work with pilots and test pilots, flight crews, engineers, and mechanics to improve safety and efficiency in the airline industry.

Safety depends on human factors.

These days, the airline industry is investing heavily in new equipment and systems. But technology can advance much faster than we’re able to gauge how people will interact with it. We can’t just rely on experience and intuition anymore, and that’s why human factors is key. When we understand our abilities and limitations as we interact with new technology, we’ll be able to ensure safe, effective and comfortable use of it.

Human Factors In Aviation

Our philosophy is simple:

Fulfill the needs of your customers and you will deliver great products and services. Fulfill the needs of your employees and you will deliver exceptional products and services. Fulfill the needs of both your customers and employees and you will deliver innovative products and services that lead the market!

In aviation, there's no room for error.

Our experts specialize in user experience, focusing on human performance, ergonomics, airplane-human computer interface design, physiology and visual perception. No matter what area of the aviation industry your company serves, we can help you develop tools and methods that will decrease human error and increase safety and performance. Let’s get started today.