Meet Your Human Factors Concierge.

You have a feeling that a human factors expert will take your product or service to the next level. There’s just one problem: You have no idea where to begin!

How much help do you really need?

What can you achieve with your limited budget?

Who are you supposed to hire – an in-house human factors expert or a human factors firm?

It all seems so confusing. That is, until we come in! While we offer full-service human centered design support ourselves, we realize that you may not be ready to jump right in. That’s why we created our Human Factors Concierge service. This is a unique solution that helps you assess and define what type of human centered design services you need. When you work with us as your Human Factors Concierge, we’ll assist your business with its overall development plan for human centered design – whether or not you choose us to implement it in the end.



You’re in complete control.

It’s no secret: Hiring a human centered design firm or a human factors expert can be costly. You want to be sure you’re hiring the right person or team and getting the best return on your investment. As your Human Factors Concierge, our goal is to help you understand the requirements of what you need to execute to make this happen. We blend seamlessly into your project planning team and provide you with unbiased advice about how to move your company forward.

Human Factors Experts

What does our Human Factors Concierge™ Service include?

It really depends on where you are in the process. Most clients leverage this high-value, short-term engagement as a means of obtaining an objective assessment of their current situation and laying the foundation for some strategic planning. Others engage us to help vet their current human factors resources or to facilitate the development of an in-house human factors group.

While we offer full project planning services, Sophic tailors every engagement to our clients’ specific situations in order to ensure that they achieve optimal business outcomes. We typically begin by offering an initial visit to your company for a day. After that, we’ll provide you with a company assessment.  

Our most popular services:

Project Review / Assessment

Project Planning and Management

Testing Needs and Plans

Development of SOW’s, RFI’s or RFP’s for Human Factors Support

Human Factors design requirements definition and interpretation, including government requirements

Developing an internal Human Factors program

… and more!


Our philosophy is simple:

Fulfill the needs of your customers and you will deliver great products and services.

Fulfill the needs of your employees and you will deliver exceptional products and services.

Fulfill the needs of both your customers and employees and you will deliver innovative products and services that lead the market!

Let’s explore together what you need to succeed.

As your Human Factors Concierge, we’ll help you get on track to create experiences that will wow your customers. Ready to get started?