Human Factors Consulting


What is human centered design, and why should it be your company’s business strategy?

Human centered design is about people… All people.

We are all consumers. And as consumers, we face problems each day that we need products and services to help solve. If our needs aren’t at the forefront of the design process, things can go very wrong.


Human centered businesses don’t create products that they think people need. They create products that they know people need. They eliminate problems and make life easier for people.

How can human factors consulting help your company succeed?


When you really think about it, business success isn’t driven by developing and delivering new technologies. Just because something is new or cutting-edge doesn’t mean that it will actually help people. True business success is driven by the people you develop products and services for. It’s driven by the real problems you’re solving.

If your company isn’t using human centered design methodologies when designing products or services, there’s a good chance that your innovations will fail. No one wants that.

By working with a human factors consulting firm like us, your company will move beyond a typical business setup to become a team that’s focused on user experience as much as individual responsibilities.




We specialize in:

• Human centered design and business strategy
• Defining users versus stakeholders
• Creating project plans
• Understanding your users and their data
• Running focus groups
• Needs to design requirements
• What and how to measure
• Personas
• Journey maps
• Task analysis
• User testing and developing your protocols
• Conducting formative versus summative
• Drafting testing plans
• Drafting the formative, summative and results plans
• Crafting Human Factors Engineering Reports
… And much more!

Our Better Business By Design™ model helps businesses thrive.

Human centered design is deeply rooted in the sciences of human factors, engineering, ergonomics and cognitive psychology. Our Better Business By Design™ model will help your company focus on building environments, products and services that meet people’s needs. By truly understanding how people interact with their environments and their expectations, you can improve user experience and acceptance outcomes while reducing the risk of injuries.

Organizations that place human centered design at the center of their corporate strategies grow faster, have higher margins than their competitors, and have a higher user acceptance. They also have increased employee engagement and are more likely to attract and retain talent.

Our model focuses on good design by
considering people, environments and tasks.


Who are the people that will be using your product, service or process? What are their goals?


What tasks will your users be required to complete with your
product or technology?


What is located within your users’ immediate physical environment?

If you’re bringing a new or non-traditional product or service to market, human centered design is key.
The challenge from the start is that users won’t know how to interact with what you’re offering them.
They may not even understand why they would need it. But if your design naturally informs people
through how it looks, feels and responds to their interaction, there’s a good chance that they’ll not
only want to buy it, but they’ll also want to promote it. And that means market success!