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Human Factors Consulting

Human-centered companies are becoming the business model of the future. By incorporating this innovative strategy, your business can grow faster, maintain higher margins than competitors, have higher user acceptance, and build a talented group of engaged employees. 

Understanding your users is key to creating successful products and services. With Human-Centered Design as your business strategy, your company will “wow” users! It all starts with your employees – by aligning your goals from the top-down, everyone’s work will come together and strive to meet the same goals. When your products and services are set up with your customers as the number one priority, you’ll be making meaningful connections with them before they even begin to employ your services. 

How do you make
Human-Centered Design
your Business strategy?


We will let you in on our secret –

Better Business By Design™

Your Design Strategy

As your Human Factors Concierge, we will build a customized plan with us by your side from start to finish.

Design Phases

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Contextual Inquiry

Gap Analysis

Market/Benchmark Analysis

Focus Groups

User Risk Identification

Human Factors Education & Workshops

General Advising & Consulting

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Design Requirements

User & Environment Profiles

Design Requirements

Task/Cognitive Analysis

Focus Groups

Heuristic Review

Benchmark Analysis

User Risk Analysis

Human Factors Standards Integration

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Design Drafting

User Risk Mitigation

Cognitive Walkthroughs


Iterative Design Support

Design & User Requirements Integration

Usability Testing

Formative Testing

Data Analysis

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Verification & Validation

User Risk Mitigation

Expert Review

User Validation Testing

Summative Testing

Data Analysis

Human Factors Standards Validation

Human Factors Engineering Reports

Market Surveillance