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A Case For Human Factors In Medicine: Garbage-Can Bleed Out

 Over the past few years, we’ve written several blogs about medical errors and how human factors in medicine can help prevent them from happening. We often see stories in the news about patient safety issues that lead to harm and death, and we use our blogs to provide...

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You are NOT your users.

 “This product is going to change the world.”You’re a product designer, and your brain has been playing this mantra on repeat.“People are going to love it. Why wouldn’t they? I love it.”Of course you do. You’ve spent countless days and sleepless nights developing it....

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Why you’ll never innovate without user experience design

 Innovation. Google the definition of the word, and you'll see this: "a new method, idea, product, etc." And yes, that's exactly what innovation is supposed to be. It's a new and useful means to solve real world problems for people. It makes our lives better - like...

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Yes, sometimes a bad user experience is the goal!

  Do you realize how deeply your life is intertwined with technology? You live in a world where you can check the news, weather and your email from the comfort of your zero-gravity bed each morning. Once you get up, your smart thermostat can cool your room to...

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