Autonomous Technology

From self-driving cars and space probes, to vacuum cleaners that learn your floor plan – Autonomous technology is everywhere and it’s changing how we see a variety of different types of tasks.

Even though this technology is incredibly exciting and will make our lives easier and more productive – we need to ensure that it is not human-less technology. To be the most effective, it must be designed with the user experience in mind, a combination of human and machine: human-centered robotics.

There’s so much that can go wrong when user experience is not the focus of your product’s design. When designing autonomous technology, you need to truly connect with your users. As your innovation consulting firm, we’ll research your users’ capabilities and determine whether they fit your product’s design and the demands of the environment. We’ll also analyze your users’ limitations, closely considering the areas of risk and stress. From user needs and expectations, error rate, performance, and satisfaction through to learnability, we’ll ensure that your product is designed for total success.

Human centered robotics are the future

The rise of machines is sometimes feared as a threat to the workforce, and it’s easy to lose sight of their real purpose. When designed properly with humans in mind, robotics will make our lives so much better by helping us to be more productive people. The most successful autonomous technology will be a combination of humans and machines: human centered robotics.

Mars Rover

AI will change the world... Let us help you change AI.

Our focus is on helping you build and develop autonomous technology that delivers the best in human centered design and user experience outcomes. Our methodology is unique. We focus on the bigger picture of how to implement a human centered design methodology within the strategic framework of your organization. To us, you’re not a client. You’re a partner.