AR & VR Headset Design

Technology today is awe-inspiring. While augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are incredibly popular in the world of gaming, many industries are also using these innovations to solve real problems for real people. For example, AR and VR are being used to train employees to work on hazardous job sites, like oil rigs and outer space. Medical students are using AR and VR headsets to train for surgery. Patients are using them to treat health issues. But as far as humans have come, AR and VR headset design isn’t without flaws – and these devices can often lead to uncomfortable user experiences. That’s where we come in.



Human factors matters for virtual reality ergonomics.

User safety and comfort is key to AR and VR experiences. As a human factors consulting firm, we specialize in virtual reality ergonomics, helping designers of AR and VR headsets and experiences put themselves in the shoes of their users. By addressing user needs and expectations, they can connect with the people they are designing for and create products that users love.

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Human centered design drives the bottom line.

Using human centered design methodologies, we bring teams together and align the goals of each department so that user experience and safety challenges can be met. Human centered design for VR and AR drives the bottom line for technology companies because it allows them to serve their customers’ needs effectively.


Our philosophy is simple:

Fulfill the needs of your customers and you will deliver great products and services.

Fulfill the needs of your employees and you will deliver exceptional products and services.

Fulfill the needs of both your customers and employees and you will deliver innovative products and services that lead the market!

Let's create winning products that users will love.

We offer solutions that help organizations thrive and drive innovations within their daily operations to their industry market place. We’ll help you create AR and VR products and experiences that will wow your customers. Ready to get started?