What’s in a name? The Sophic Story.

Even before we officially opened our doors, Sophic was a company spurred by the desire to change the way we conduct business and serve the world with the products, services and environments we build. We place our complete focus on the people we serve and the real problems we solve to enhance everyday life and experiences.

Our vision has always been to build a company that helps all companies drive Better Business By Design™. We focus not only on the people we build products and services for, but also on the people within these companies who are solving problems and delivering the best solutions. We accomplish this through a 360-degree focus on human centered design, specifically as a strategic approach to great business. We provide you with a winning business strategy that puts YOU first and the technology and profits that serve YOU second.

We knew right away that the services we provided had to be about one thing: who we are to YOU. Yes, we provide human centered design and business strategy consulting, but that’s not our primary service. At Sophic, our #1 service is that of a trusted partner.

Our name says it all. Sophic means “full of wisdom” and Synergistics means “compatible partner”. We roll our sleeves up and get down in the weeds with you. We consider our clients to be an extension of our team. We’re 100% invested in your success and helping you deliver the most innovative and best user experiences possible. We’re ready to help you, so contact us today!

Meet Our CEO

Business success isn’t driven by developing and delivering new technologies. It’s driven by the people we develop them for and the real problem we’re solving.

-Cynthia Rando, CEO and Founder of Sophic Synergistics



Cynthia has worked in the field of Human Centered Design for over 15 years. She spent 12 years at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston where she provided extensive leadership and addressed several critical areas in Human Factors and Human Centered Design including user interface design, ergonomics, safety and risk mitigation strategies, usability and user experience, accident investigation and root cause analysis activities. She helped implement culture change initiatives and innovative solutions including the U.S. government’s first use of crowdsourcing as a disruptive business model. She also assisted with the development of the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation and the NASA Human Health and Performance Center.

Cynthia is a Certified Human Factors Professional and a Director on the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics. She received her B.S. and M.S. in Human Factors Engineering from Clemson University and an MBA from Northeastern University. She has served as an associate professor at University of Houston Clearlake, providing instruction in Human Factors and Ergonomics course material. Currently, she provides Human Centered Design and Human Factors consultation to the Texas Medical Center Innovation Incubator’s medical device startup cohorts and The Texas Committee on Autonomous Systems.

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Partnerships Coordinator

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Marketing Lead

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Human Factors Researcher

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Human Factors Research Intern