Sophic Synergistics, LLC, Opens Downtown Office At 1301 Fannin St In Collaboration With The Ion.

by Sophic Synergistics
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This move will make human factors design services and solutions more accessible to the Greater Houston area.

HOUSTON, Texas, January 13, 2020 – Sophic Synergistics, LLC – a Houston-based human factors consulting firm – announced today that it has opened its first public facing office location at 1301 Fannin St. in collaboration with The Ion. This marks a monumental step for Sophic Synergistics as the company continues to experience exponential growth and becomes one of Houston’s leaders in Human Factors Design Services.

As part of a growing partnership with The Ion, Sophic Synergistics will provide on-site human factors and human-centered design services to leaders in technology innovation and entrepreneurship within the Innovation Corridor. Houston has become a thriving location and ecosystem that supports a diverse portfolio of established businesses and start-ups alike. Sophic Synergistics is committed to serving the city of Houston’s growing need for human centered design services with this new location.

“Sophic Synergistics has been fortunate to serve a very diverse portfolio of clients including Texas Medical Center, Google, Oculus, NASA as well as many prominent law firms nationwide. The partnership we have established with The Ion introduces a new avenue for our company to better support the growing Houston economy and help address challenges that a diverse industry ecosystem presents for the city. Specifically, providing critical Human Factors services that will ensure that industries are able to deliver the safest and most innovative technological solutions possible. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and excited for the year ahead!” said Cynthia Rando, CEO of Sophic Synergistics.

Sophic Synergistics, LLC has become a trusted partner for delivering Human Factors Design services and has helped hundreds of companies develop winning products and services for many industry sectors nationally. The company has done this through a tireless effort to engage the community and reduce the obstacles to obtaining human factors expertise. Sophic emphasizes an approach to consulting that bridges the gap between human-centered design methodologies and business strategies. This includes a focus on product and service design and development efforts that drive innovative business practices. Placing complete focus on the people that we serve and the true problems we need to solve to enhance everyday life and experiences.

“This is a very exciting time in Houston, particularly when you consider the investment that is being made to develop the intersection between industry and innovation in the City of Houston. We are excited to partner with Sophic Synergistics to ensure that the needs of the end-user continue to be considered at the front-end of the commercialization process and that the tools to support that will be available at the Ion.” said Gaby Rowe, Executive Director of The Ion.

This new location at 1301 Fannin St. and partnership with The Ion marks a significant new phase for Sophic Synergistics as the company advances its mission to help clients Build Better Business By DesignTM, focusing on environments, products, and services that deliver the best in human-centered design, safety and user experience outcomes for every industry.

About Sophic Synergistics, LLC
Sophic Synergistics, LLC is a human factors consulting firm that focuses on bringing human centered design methodologies to all industries. The company’s strategy is to help businesses grow through the development of products, services, and environments that deliver on human needs and solve real problems.

About The Ion
The Ion (4201 Main Street) will anchor the 16-acre South Main Innovation District and is destined to become the epicenter for Houston’s innovation ecosystem as an inclusive, dynamic, vibrant and highly dense hub focusing on quality collaborations between entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, corporations and the academic community when it opens in early 2021. The 270,000-square-foot building will accommodate multiple uses, including shared workspace, prototyping and maker resources, event space, classrooms, food and beverage offerings as well as indoor/outdoor communal areas with shared amenities. For more information, please visit

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